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Real Life Of A Dj – Sam Feldt

Written by on 08/04/2023

The real-life of a DJ. It looks glamorous, but there’s a hidden, darker side.

Let me tell you what no one else knows about the DJ lifestyle: Sam Feldt

1) It’s lonely.

Not just on tour, but also when you get home.

This is where your friends/family are supposed to be.

But they don’t fit in the lifestyle.

Everyone is out of sync: birthdays, weekends, and work schedules.

2) It’s expensive.

It may look like loads of money coming in but it also costs a considerable amount to maintain and grow that name.

→ Flights → Hotels → Tour staff → Gear → Marketing → Management → Studio fees

3) It’s exhausting.

Most people don’t stay up for five days straight.

Traveling from time zone to time zone, often with red-eye flights, causes major fatigue.

Then you arrive, perform, and greet fans.

You have to bring energy every night, just like the night before.

4) It’s unhealthy.

Late nights, long flights, alcohol, and a lack of home-cooked meals catch up quickly.

Physical and mental health deteriorate if there is no conscious effort to maintain them.

5) It’s a grind.

You’re only as relevant as your last performance. So you have to keep pushing. Producers are in the studio nonstop, and they feel most comfortable there. DJs are in the club nonstop, and they feel the most comfortable there. Imagine being both.

6) It’s competitive.

Newcomers are always trying to take your place. And the second you become a has-been, it’s all downhill from there. But as long as social media and music exist, there will always be fresh talent.

7) It’s not what it seems.

What you see:

→ Traveling → Performances

What you don’t see:

→ Studio → Networking → Marketing → Prep work → Management → Meetings

Don’t let the 1% of the time lead you to believe that you have a life filled only with excitement.

When it comes down to it, being a DJ is like any other job. You have to work hard, maintain relationships, and push yourself to keep up with current trends. To conclude: I’m thankful to be able to do what I love, but there’s a darker side most people don’t see.

Sam Feldt

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