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Emmanuel Jal Infos

Jal Jok, Emmanuel Jal‘s true name, is a South Sudanese Canadian artist and actor born in 1980. Emmanuel began his life as a child soldier in war-torn Sudan. He was subsequently saved by Emma McCune, a British relief worker, and smuggled to Kenya, where he went on to become a well-known recording musician and peace campaigner after overcoming several challenges.


Emmanuel’s music is heavily influenced by his own experiences as well as the sounds of his homeland. His music combines traditional folklore and love melodies with catchy dance beats.


Jal’s music, via colourful tones and message, captures the imagery of violence and poverty that have plagued South Sudan, while also deliberately drawing upon the strength and rich culture of its nation.


Emmanuel Jal has received international praise for his distinctive brand of hip hop, which is based on his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan and has a message of peace and healing.

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